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emergency financial assistance needed: help needed. I am looking for anyone who could help. We are in need for

lessonslearned started this conversation
help needed. I am looking for anyone who could help. We are in need for financial emergency assistance. My husband was sent to Africa to sell a home he inherited from his father. He did not take enough $ as it was suppose to be a quick trip and now he is stranded in a foreign country and we are unable to find anyone to help us get him home. Has anyone heard of the us embassy turning away a us citizen? All ideas and help in any form is appreciated. thank you. feel free to follow my blog on word press(see my profile for details)
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kytega12   in reply to lessonslearned
I'm sorry I haven't
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lessonslearned   in reply to lessonslearned
I found also a site where people in need can write rich celebretities and send them videos concerning the hardship but i was unable to find where to submit the video's. do you by chance know anything about this?
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lessonslearned   in reply to littlelacie
Yes. My husband and our two younger children are stuck in Nigeria.. They are us citizens but come to find out there is more than just birth certificates they look for and because the us embassy does not or can not find the required form they are looking for they are saying they are unable to help him. As i said we are us citizens and he inherited a home his father build in the 80's in nigeria so, he went back to sell the home, under the understanding that all the loose ends were taken care of, just to find out that was not the case at all. and now they are oout of money and stranded in nigeria. I am sorry if i implied i was asking for cash, im asking for any help of where to go if anyone has any ideas.
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Are you saying the US embassy would not help? What country is he stranded in? You had mentioned you wanted to get your family home-are there other family members are over there too? WE have no cash on this site, we can only tell you of places that might be able to help. If I had a little more information might be able to tell you more.
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